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At Own Property Advisory, we elevate your property investment journey to a new level. We seamlessly integrate data-driven property search with our extensive expertise in mortgage finance and financial planning to meticulously craft and execute your personalised Own property strategy.

Own Property Advisory is an integral arm of Own Money — renowned for its impressive track record with 100s of successful property transactions and many years of financial planning expertise. Our team brings to the table a wealth of experience and knowledge, ensuring your property investments are guided by seasoned professionals.

Gone are the days of relying solely on a property advocate for building your property portfolio. Your Own Money team commences with a property advisor, seamlessly integrating in-house mortgage brokering and financial planning expertise. This extends to leveraging the insights of local property experts, conveyancers, and building and pest inspectors to ensure the best outcome. Rest assured, your portfolio is being meticulously crafted and built the right way, granting you peace of mind throughout the process.


Helping you shape a prosperous future.

We have access to some of the best property data available today.

Giving you the ability to buy the right property, anywhere in Australia through a trusted group of partners.

We handle everything in the buying/settlement process.

Access to off market properties throughout Australia.

Ongoing strategy advice and reviews for the life of your property ownership.

Goals-Based Financial Plan designed to help you achieve a “Work Optional Lifestyle”.

Spending Plan to balance the enjoyment of today, with putting some aside for the future.

Protect you through creating an Emergency Buffer so when life happens, you aren’t having to sell your investments.

Design and assist you in implementing investment strategies tailored to the goals you are trying to achieve.

Tax Advice – Optimising your investment strategy and ownership’s structure to pay as little tax as legally possible.


Decades of lending experience.

Focus on your loan structure to put your interests ahead of the banks.

Work with you to pay off your Owner-Occupied mortgage.

Help you build your wealth though investing in property using smart lending strategies.

We regularly review your lending so that you always have market leading rates and a strategy that is working for you.


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Join Hands with Own Property Advisory

Rory Sercombe


E: rory@ownmoney.com.au
P: 0407 869 361


Rory serves as the Director of Own Property Advisory, where he is committed to providing exemplary service and ensuring client satisfaction. Throughout his career, Rory has earned a reputation for his dedication to client needs. His commitment extends beyond facilitating home loans and includes building lasting client relationships and collaborating effectively with various teams.

Rory’s focus on delivering exceptional customer care has contributed to the success of the Own Money group. Under his leadership, the group has been instrumental in helping many Australians achieve their homeownership and property investment goals. Rory’s dedication to clients, combined with his extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, has empowered individuals to navigate the property market confidently and achieve their financial objectives. The Own Money group, under Rory’s guidance, has become a trusted partner for Australians on their path to property ownership and wealth accumulation.

Maria Jovanovic

Operations Manager

E: maria@ownmoney.com.au
P: 0499 919 871

Maria is an experienced finance professional with over a decade of expertise fine tuned through working in financial planning and asset finance before joining Own.

Maria’s notable accomplishments include being named the National Loan Administrator of the Year in 2021. She has also recently completed a Cert IV in Mortgage Broking, further enhancing her skills in the field, and came on as an Own Home Loans business partner in 2023.

Outside of work, Maria enjoys going to the gym and indulging in the occasional red wine (never at the same time!) and loves watching her two daughters play basketball.


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